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Getting to Know Our Code

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”


    What is Our Code?

    Our Code is the centerpiece of our commitment to conducting our business throughout the world with the highest standards of business ethics. It is a resource for you to use when you need information or guidance before making a decision.

    Does your work involve the U.S. Government?

    If your work involves projects in which the U.S. Government or its funds are involved, see the “U.S. Government Contracting” Supplement to our Code.

    However, our Code and its Supplement cannot cover every subject or situation you might face. If you need additional guidance, you can review more detailed policies and practices on Fluor’s Intranet at or consult your local Human Resources manager. Our Code does not create contractual rights for you or others.

      Why Do We Have a Code?

      Fluor’s success depends on our reputation for ethical business performance. Our company has adopted global standards to help ensure that we conduct business fairly and honestly and interact ethically with each of our stakeholders—including fellow employees, clients, suppliers, competitors, governments and communities. The Code describes our global standards and helps us understand the rules and principles governing the way we do business at Fluor.

        Who Must Follow Our Code?

        All employees of Fluor Corporation and its subsidiaries worldwide must adhere to our Code at all times.

          What is Expected of Me?

          As an employee, you are required to:

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          Understand and follow the laws and regulations that apply to your job

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          Read, understand and follow our Code and the underlying policies and practices applicable to you

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          If you are uncertain about how to do the right thing, seek guidance from your supervisor or other Fluor resources and use the steps in the “Doing The Right Thing” section of our Code 

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          Participate in any compliance training and certifications required by our company

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          Report any suspected violations of the Code using the steps set forth in the “Getting Help and Reporting Concerns” section of our Code

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          Cooperate with any investigations into potential misconduct

          The company can only do something about misconduct if it knows about it.

            What is Additionally Expected of Managers?

            Managers have additional responsibilities related to our Code. You are responsible for promoting a culture of compliance and integrity, including a positive working environment in which people are treated with dignity and respect. This culture is achieved by:

            • Leading by example by living up to the standards of our Code at all times
            • Helping those you supervise understand and follow the standards set forth in our Code, policies and practices, as well as stressing the importance of participating in related training and certifications
            • Directing employee compliance and ethics matters to the appropriate Subject Matter Expert or the Compliance and Ethics Integrity Portal & Hotline
            • Supporting those who raise a concern or report a suspected problem in good faith, even if they go outside of the chain of command
            • Never taking or allowing a retaliatory action against someone for reporting concerns in good faith or cooperating with an investigation
            • Following up when you hear about or suspect potential misconduct, promptly escalating the concern to the appropriate investigating department or the Compliance and Ethics Integrity Portal, and never looking the other way to ignore misconduct

              What is Expected of Our Business Partners?

              We expect subcontractors, consultants, agents, suppliers and other third-party providers to act in a manner consistent with Fluor’s Business Conduct and Ethics Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors, which reflect our values and Code. The most current version is available at and

              View Fluor's Business Conduct and Ethics Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors

                What if Local Laws and Customs Vary?

                We do business all over the world. It is important to recognize that laws, regulations, business practices and customs can vary greatly from one country to the next. We comply with the law and our global code everywhere we do business. Because Fluor Corporation is a U.S.-based company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, many U.S. laws apply outside the U.S. borders, some of which may differ or conflict with the laws of other countries in which we do business. Our country-based policies and practices are designed to uphold local laws. However, if a situation arises where our Code, our policies and practices, and U.S. laws or local laws are in direct conflict, you should contact your department manager and the Law Department for guidance before taking action.

                  What about Updates and Revisions to Our Code?

                  Our Code may occasionally be updated or amended to reflect changes in laws and our policies and practices. The most current and authoritative version of our Code is always available at and

                    What are the Consequences of Violating Our Code?

                    Violations of our Code can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. In appropriate cases, Fluor may also refer misconduct to appropriate authorities for prosecution. This may subject the individuals involved to civil and/or criminal penalties.

                    REMEMBER: SPEAK UP. IF IN DOUBT, ASK.

                    Can't find what you are looking for?

                    Our Compliance and Ethics team here at Fluor are here for you. Please reach out if you are unsure or have any questions about our Code of Conduct or your responsibilities as a team member.

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