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The Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Letter from the Chairman and CEO

Dear Colleagues,

At Fluor, we are building a better future by delivering solutions that work, completing projects with the highest standards of quality and safety, and maintaining our high ethical standards. That’s no small feat. Every day, we must show our clients and communities that we continue to deserve their trust.

Our company is successful when we embrace our Core Values of safety, integrity, teamwork and excellence. They act as our behavioral compass and define how we work together to build projects and provide services that improve our communities.

“We started building our most important project more than 100 years ago: Our Reputation.”


“Integrity is doing the right thing even if nobody is watching.”


“To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.”


Our Core Values

"Failure comes only when we forget our ideals, objectives and principles."


OF ALL THE STRUCTURES we have created, our corporate culture may be the most impressive. It is our focus on our core values that enables us to provide superior solutions to our clients, a supportive work environment and an improved quality of life for billions worldwide. Our values define how we do our work. We will not undertake or execute a project that compromises any of these values. When we commit to work within Fluor’s values, we achieve superior work and a leadership position in our industry.

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We care for each other.

Living Safer Together promotes the well-being of all people, our communities and the environment.

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We do what is right.

Trust, accountability and fairness define our character.

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We work better together.

Collectively we thrive when we include, respect and empower one another.

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We deliver solutions.

Our high-performance teams embrace opportunities, solve challenges and continuously improve.

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Does your work involve the U.S. Government?

If your work involves projects in which the U.S. Government or its funds are involved, see the "U.S. Government Contracting" Supplement to our Code.

Common Questions

    Fluor provides several different reporting channels, which include confidentiality and escalation measures. Since you do not feel comfortable raising this concern involving your department head, you may report this concern to your local Human Resources manager, the Law Department, or Fluor’s Compliance and Ethics Integrity Portal & Hotline. If a report is made in good faith, Fluor will not tolerate any form of retaliation even if the concern turns out to be unsubstantiated.

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    We always want to be transparent with our clients. While it may be necessary to purchase the equipment from our subsidiary, we should disclose the situation to the client first.

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    Possibly. Working for a Fluor supplier while being employed by our company could create a situation in which a conflict of interest might arise. Before doing any work on behalf of this Fluor supplier, you must first consult with and get authorization from your supervisor or Human Resources manager. If you are permitted to continue working with the supplier, remember that the second job should not interfere with your responsibilities or job duties for Fluor. You should not do work for the other company when you are supposed to be working for Fluor. Please also remember that you cannot use Fluor equipment or supplies in your work for the other company. That includes computer equipment, electronic mail and telephones. You must also carefully guard against disclosing confidential information to the other company.

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